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S-61 tail rotor blade in bond fixture having a new pocket installed.

Blade in bond fixture prior to receiving 12 new pockets.

Autec uses ABS exclusively for rotor blade repairs on it's 2 S-61N's operating in the Bahamas on the U.S. Navy Torpedo Test Range.

One of the interesting projects that ABS has been involved with was the Rotary Rocket Rotor atmospheric test vehicle. This spacecraft used Sikorsky S-58 main rotor blades that ABS overhauled and modified with tip jets to control re-entry.

See video clip @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kp63-an2ts.

Milling of Spar
Milling of the spar to convert a non-BIM S-58/S-55 main blade to BIM configuration. ABS is the only facility in the world capable of completing this re-work.

Electronic balance fixture capable of completing both span-wise & chord-wise calculations.

UH60Tail Rotor Blades
UH-60 Tail Rotor Blades during Dis-assembly and Inspection.

UH-60 Tail Blade in Spar Plugf
UH-60 Tail Blade in Spar Plug Alignment and Bonding Fixture.

Computerized Balance System
A Computerized Balance Systems is used to achieve both span & chord calculations during static balance of both Main and Tail Rotor Blades. Here a UH-60L main blade is being balanced.

Mill Room 1
Mill Room 2
Recently renovated and enlarged machine room with expanded capabilities.