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FAA-PMA Replacement Parts. Aviation Blade has exclusive rights to FAA-PMA approved pockets, bolts, tip caps & abrasion strips in support of Sikorsky Metal rotor blades for the S-58, S-61/H3, CH-54 helicopters.

S-61 Main Rotor Blade Life Extension STC

Aviation Blade Service, Inc. of Kissimmee, Fl. has been selected by Rotor Renovations, Inc. of Sparks Nv., to complete all modifications required for the Life Extension of the Sikorsky S-61 Main Rotor Blade under their FAA approved STC# SR01127SE, which is eligible for use on the Sikorsky S-61N, L, NM, A, and SH-3A models; and Canadian STC# SH03-24, which is eligible for use on the Sikorsky S-61N and L. Under these STC's, the blades are completely interchangeable on a blade for blade basis.

Under this STC, the retirement life of the 61170-20201-054 and subsequent series of main rotor blade is doubled. Originally limited to 10,600 hours, once the reworks are completed by ABS, the new retirement life will be extended to 21,200 hours. This will greatly reduce the DOC as it relates to the main blades.

The life extension of this series of blade has been done through a series of highly technical tests researching the structural integrity of the blade by way of flight testing in all flight operations and by computer stress analysis. This STC is a result of 5 years of dedicated testing and analysis by Rotor Renovations, Inc.

Aviation Blade Services, Inc. was selected to conduct the reworks due to their extensive knowledge and experience in the repair and overhaul of Sikorsky's metal rotor blades, particularly the S-55, S-58 and S-61, which includes the H-3 blades for the U.S. Navy and Egypt. ABS will be conducting all required inspections, such as 100% x-ray of the blade, Borescope of the spar interior, Eddy current flaw detections to ensure uncompromising serviceability and continued safe operations. All blades will be completely stripped of paint, refinished, and static balanced to OEM's specifications.

Please call (407) 846-6780 for information and pricing.

Expanded Repairs

  • S-61 Tail Rotor blade erosion repair
  • S-61 Tail Rotor blade mounting hole repair

CH-54B Main Rotor Blade Life Extension

Aviation Blade Services, Inc. was selected to complete main rotor blade overhaul and modifications for a retirement life extension by Helicopter Transport Services, Inc. of Corvallis, Oregon, for it's fleet of Sikorsky CH-54B heavy lift helicopters. The program will involve 42 blades for HTSI's 6 flyable helicopters used primarily for forest fire fighting duties.

HTSI along with McClennahan Engineering of Sparks Nv., spent 2 years gathering and evaluating data to be able to substantiate their request to the FAA for a STC'd life extension.

The work involves complete strip and repaint of the blades, complete disassembly and rework of the cuff end, borescope, X-ray and eddy current inspections, and static balance to OEM specifications. All corrosion was addressed and the spar re-anodized prior to reassembly.


Aviation Blade Services is the exclusive distributor for Master Support Inc.'s FAA-PMA approved replacement parts for Sikorsky S-55/S-58, S-61/H-3, CH-54 & H-60 main and tail rotor blades.  Master Support manufactures the following FAA approved PMA parts for various main and tail blades.

  • Pocket assemblies, abrasion strips, cuff bolts, tip caps, etc. 
  • New parts are being PMA'd as needed.

The use of FAA-PMA parts means ABS Blade has the parts in stock allowing for a quicker turnaround time on blade repairs.  Many parts that Master Support manufactures are for obsolete rotor blades and are the only source remaining.