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ABS is the only repair station worldwide that is dedicated to the Sikorsky helicopter line of metal blades. Our extensive resources and knowledge revolve around the S-55, S-58, S-61, S-62, H-3, H-60, Seaking, S-64 and CH-54 evolution of Sikorsky's rotor blades. We are the premier repair facility when it comes to experience, knowledge and support of these rotor blades.

Extensive library of manuals on Sikorsky rotor blades dating back to 1958.

The largest library of blueprints for the S-55, S-58, S-61 and S-64 rotor blades outside of Sikorsky. We are also adding to our S-70/H-60 blueprint library continually.  This information can be the difference between the salvage (repair) and scrapping of your blades.

FAA approved for the repair and modification of the following Sikorsky blade types: S-55, S-58, S-58T, S-61, S-62, S-64, H-3, CH-54,H-34 and H-60/S-70.  See the certifications page for our approvals.

US Navy Approved for repair/overhaul of main and tail blades for the following helicopters. See approval letters on Certifications page.

  • Sikorsky H-3        
    • Main Blades p/n S6115-20201 series & 61170-20201 series
    • Tail Blade p/n S6117-30101 series
  • Westland Sea King   
    • Main Blades    WD4529-00002 series
    • Tail Blades    WD4239-00010 series
US Army: 
SAR approval recieved for H-60 Tail Blades p/n 70101-31000-043 & 70101-11200-044.
SAR approval in process for H-60 Main Blades p/n 70150-09100-041 & 70150-09100-043.

Westland Sea King:    
Approved by ZF Luftahrttechnik GmbH of Germany, to repair Westland composite main blades p/n WD01-29-90250 and metal honeycomb tail blades p/n WD4139-00003 series, for the German Air Force.

UH-60A/L Blackhawk Main & Tail Rotor Blades:
Aviation Blade Services has the capability, fixtures, tooling, data and experience to repair the UH-60A/L Blackhawk main and tail rotor blades for your helicopter. The following is a brief description of the repairs ABS is capable of, in addition to the basic inspection, paint and balance. All blades are repaired IAW applicable DMWR’s

Main Blade, p/n’s 70150-09100-041 & -043 repaired IAW DMWR 1-1615-281
  • Cuff replacement, p/n 70150-09109-041
  • Bim Seal, cuff end replacement, p/n 70150-09116-043
  • Bim Seal, Tip end replacement, p/n 70150-09125-043
  • Trim Tab Replacement
  • Tip Rib replacement
  • Tip Block replacement, p/n 70150-09133-042
  • Leading Edge Sheath Assembly (De-ice) p/n 70150-09126-044
  • Nickel Abrasion Strip replacement, p/n 70150-09112-105
  • Tip Cap repairs, p/n 70150-09107 (aluminum) & 70150-09207-041 (composite)
  • Function testing of De-Ice System
  • Cuff bushing replacement
  • Helium leak detection of the BIM system
  • Electronic static balance IAW DMWR

Tail Blade, p/n’s 70101-31000-043 & 70101-11200-044 repaired IAW DMWR 1-1615-287
  • Plug replacement, p/n 70101-31005-042
  • Nickel Abrasion Strip replacement, p/n 70101-11217-041
  • Pivot Bearing inspection & replacement
  • Tip Cap Replacement, p/n 70101-11131-042
  • De-ice Assembly replacement, p/n 70101-31005-042
  • Pitch Horn bushing replacement
  • Electronic static balance IAW DMWR

Main Blade, p/n’s 70150-09200-041
  • Repaired IAW MEO#B1432 and TM 1-1520-280-238P