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Both owners were field mechanics on Sikorsky helicopters before seizing the opportunity to dedicate themselves to providing superior quality rotor blades. Please call and utilize their experience when you need it.

ABS also has the most extensive library of technical manuals and blueprints outside of Sikorsky.

ABS is continually working with FAA DER’s whose specialty’s include rotor blades, in seeking new repairs for blades to be able to repair customers blades. Our extensive knowledge and in house data along with the expertise and oversight of the FAA DER provides a safe and functional blade repair.

Sikorsky S6115-20201-1 & -2 Blades.
ABS is the only company with the tooling and expertise to convert blades from one configuration to another IAW AFC-337. An example of this is converting the S6115-20201-1/-2 blades to S6115-20201-3 configuration which includes removing the cuff and tip dam seal to be able to remove, re-configure and re-install the counterweights in the leading edge of the spar. This change allows for the installation of a nickel abrasion strip on the blade spar and the tip cap.

Sikorsky S6115-20201-3 blades
ABS repaired 30 each S6115-20201-3 main blades for Clayton Intl., who ultimately sold the blades to the Canadian DOD for installation on their Sikorsky Sea King helicopters. About half of the blades were converted from blades received from the Danish Air Force. These ex-Danish blades were p/n S6115-20501-009 & -041 civilian short spar blades. These blades were converted by ABS to the S6115-20201-3 blades that are eligible for installation on the Canadian Sea King.

Sikorsky S6117-30101 Series Tail Blade.
ABS initiated a program for the S-61 tail blade where we replaced the spar of a S6117-30101 series tail blade that was damaged beyond repair limits, with a new spar. The blade assembly would then be built up with all new parts including pocket, abrasion strip & tip cap.  This repair is FAA DER approved.
Cost Savings:        New replacement blade from Sikorsky     $105,000.00+
                              ABS Rebuilt blade with new spar             $50,000.00