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Westland Helicopters

Aviation Blade Services has been repairing Westland Sea King main and tail blades for over 15 years. The Westland metal blades are license built copies of the Sikorsky blades. We utilize the data and parts from the Sikorsky blades to repair the Westland versions. For an example of pocket corrosion on Westland mfg’d blades see Information Letter 2000-1.

Main Blades: WD01-29-90250 series
 Main Blades: WD4529-00002 series,
WD0129-60069 series,
WD0129-90069 series
Tail Blades:
WD4239-00010 series,

ABS has converted the WD4229-00003-041 main blades to S6115-20201-3 configuration for use on the SH-3H aircraft. This involved removing all the leading edge counterweights, re-arranging them to the proper location, replacing any unserviceable parts and re-installing the counterweights into the blade spar using a special built hydraulic puller. Re-installation of the cuff assembly and the tip dam seal, followed by helium leak detection.

Westland Composite Main Blade WD01-29-90250
ABS was approached to investigate how to improve the interchangeability of the Westland Sea King composite main blade p/s WD01-29-90250-041.  The customer was experiencing difficulty in track and balance functions when replacing a single main blade during maintenance functions and were having to keep the blades in sets of 5 when replacing. It was also noticed that the titanium abrasion strip was in very poor condition on the leading edge, at the tip end.
ABS suggested that we bond an 8’ nickel abrasion strip over the titanium strip to protect the titanium strip from further damage during operations. ABS sanded the existing paint off of the blade and re-painted the blade to provide the blade with improved protection for years to come. The blades were static balanced to specs providing interchangeability.

Westland Tail Blade WD4139-00003-043
ABS was approached to see if an extension to the 2,000 hour retirement life was feasible for the WD4139-00003-043 tail blade installed on the Sea King. Along with this study, was it also available to re-skin or re-build the honeycomb blade assembly that had experienced damage to the aluminum skin that was beyond the current repair limits. The results were that both were practical and have since been undertaken.